Benton Burford

Benton Burford



After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a BFA in Fine Arts, Benton Burford got his first taste of the design world working as the manager of the sample department of a local hide rug manufacturer in the hill country outside of town. It was here that he developed a love for the creative process, and the possibilities of merging art and design.

It was at that time he went back to school for interior design, and founded Benton Art & Design not long after in the spring of 2011. Over the years his business has grown from a small studio producing occasional pillows to a thriving business specializing in the creation of all manner of home goods, furniture, and fabrics, as well as offering full service interior design and consulting.

Benton took a pause in 2015 to work as a Gallery Designer for Restoration Hardware both in Austin and East Hampton, New York, and is skilled in guiding clients through the design process, and giving them confidence with every decision that is made. Having left the company, he has been able to focus on his own practice, and continues the mission to give clients the best service possible and letting their personalities shine through design.


Unique Items for the Home

One of Benton’s goals with the studio is to create truly unique and one of a kind items, including pillows, furniture, and napkins using his designs and artwork. Any piece can be tweaked and customized to the client’s wishes, and new designed can be commissioned for print and wall covering applications. Vintage and fashion fabrics are also used in a variety of pieces, resulting in decor that truly can’t found anywhere else.

All items are made by Benton at his studio in Austin, Texas.



Benton believes that while not everyone is creative, we all have the ability to express our personalities through design, and specializes in a variety of modern and eclectic styles. Having a background in installation art, he has seen how a space can affect those that step inside it, and used this angle to his advantage when learning the trade. His approach to his clients’ interiors isn’t that different, and lets their needs and desires take center stage. Add in the ability to completely customize selections such as fabric and wall coverings, and the sky is the limit when it comes to fulfilling a clients dream.

Lets know what your needs are, and we would be happy to discuss our rates with you. You can find our contact information listed below:

Benton Burford

Phone: (432) 770-1984